When it comes to your closet, more is not necessarily more. You want it, you buy it, you wear it and then, it's over, on to the next thing. Simply put, consignment is when you can sell items, earn a percentage of the sale and make room for the next obsession.

Shopping consignment gives you the opportunity to discover pieces from those same name brand/designers you love for a fraction of the retail cost. Consignment isn’t just great for you, it’s great for the environment. It reduces your carbon footprint and refreshes your wardrobe, all while saving you money.

Whether you consign or shop or both, consignments helps your closet move just as fast as fashion itself!

Why Consign with Simply Posh Consignment & Boutique?

So many things to love, so little time! We make consigning seamless and exciting. We believe that buying and selling pre-owned name brand/designer clothing should always be a great experience: seamless, personal, rewarding, and, of course, thrilling.

New arrivals are on the floor within 48 hours- Your items will not wait at Simply Posh!

You can call or email anytime to check on your items! Once money is on your account, feel free to spend it in -store credit or receive cash on the spot if you have less than $25 on your account. Checks normally can be received same day or mailed within two business day from the day requested.

Would you like your items returned to you if they don't sell? No problem at Posh! Make sure to check-in or pick up your unsold items by the date given to you when you drop off your items!

How we price items at Posh!

We would like to say that we have impeccable taste and an eye for what’s current and what’s selling.  We calculate the perfect resale price based on well-researched retail prices. Here’s how it works: Items are generally priced at 30%-40% of their original retail value, depending on condition and style. Extremely current popular items, especially handbags and accessories, are sometimes priced at 50% - 65% of original retail. New items with tags are usually priced approximately 40-50% of the price listed on the tag.

Consignment 101