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Our motto of taking clothes is: Cute, Current & Clean...

Something to sell?  Selling your beautiful things at Simple Posh Consignment Boutique is very simple and rewarding. We take highest quality merchandise in clothing and accessories. Items should be no more than four to five years old, and must be clean with no spots, rips, stains, please.
To make it convenient for our customers Simply Posh accepts clothing during our regular business hours with no appointment necessary. Clothing in shopping bags is perfect unless they are wrinkle-prone items then the clothing on hangers is great. Items in garbage or plastic bags will not be looked over for consignment. We steam your clothes, tag them, and display them on hangers.
  On your visit to Simply Posh we will look over each piece for “sale ability” so please don’t be disappointed if some of your items are not accepted for consignment. Simply Posh will only accept what we feel our clientele will purchase, therefore, we will only accept current styles for consignment.  Please don’t be offended if we do not take your clothing. Our customer’s wishes must determine our guidelines. All items are ticketed and priced by Simply Posh, then placed on the selling floor for the duration of the consignment period of 65 days, which begins when the merchandise is put on the sales floor.

Please Note:
If an item is found to be dirty or damaged after closer inspection, we reserve the right to reduce the price or donate your item. In an effort to save your valuable time and ours, examine your items carefully before you bring them in. Item defects are sometimes found at a later date (i.e. after they are on the racks). These items will be donated with no notice given. When dropping off your clothes you have the option of donating anything we do not take to consign to one of our three wonderful charities. If you decide to "drop off" your items to be reviewed by the owner, please be prepared to pick up any items we are unable to consign within 7 days. We do call on the status of the drop off, and consignor will have 7 days to pick up any items not selected for consignment.

The sale price of consigned items will be split between Simply Posh Consignment Boutique and the consignors as follows:
Consignor receives 45% Cash or 55% in-store credit of the sale price. Consigned items will be priced by Simply Posh. Usual pricing of consigned Merchandise is approximately 40% to 90% off the original retail price, based on the condition of the item.

Please Consign Seasonally : We are now accepting transitional items that can transition from summer to fall.: Tops, tunics & light-weight sweaters: such trends like billowy off-the-shoulder tops, florals, dresses for work and/or play, active wear: such as Lululemon, Lucy, Under Armour, Nike, Athleta -- Please, please make sure your active wear is like-new and purchased from 1-2 years ago.
Shoes: Designer/name brand booties, sandals, wedges are always being requested!
Authentic Designer handbags are always on the wish list!

It is best to have your clothes in shopping bags, with no stains, holes and odor free.
Please DO NOT bring items in garbage bags as we will overlook those items-THANK YOU!!!
We can sell your like-new designer jewelry (no fashion jewelry, please), sunglasses, shoes (shoes must be like-new), & vintage designer handbags!
We ONLY accept Authentic Designer bags as we do not accept fake merchandise.

Do you have a Authentic Designer Bag that you are ready to sell but don't want to just give it away?
Sell that bag with Posh!
We pay more for your designer bag! Check out our cash payouts:

-Best tip when preparing your items for consignment, ask yourself, would you buy this item :)
-Simply Posh sets the prices.  We reserve the right to markdown or put items on sale at any time.  Generally, the item will stay full price for 1-2 months and then will be put on clearance for 2 weeks before it is donated.  You may pick up your items that have not sold after 65 days.

-Any unsold items after 66 + days become the property of Simply Posh and may be donated to local charities.

-Payments in cash, check or credit are available anytime there is money on the account.

- It is your responsibility to collect any money owing to you from your account.  No notice will be sent.

- We will do our best to look after your items but we will not be held responsible for fire, theft or damage.